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Opinnäytetyö: Possible Futures of Finnish Food Travel

Author of the Thesis: Petra Urasto (2022)

This qualitative research is commissioned by Hungry for Finland Food Tourism project by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. It aims to bring insight to the Food Tourism project and actors in the food and travel sector in Finland, offering insights of product and service development in 2021. The research is conducted by analysing the contents of the competition application forms.

Vision of Finnish Food Travel in 2030

5 Steps Bold Vision Canvas method is adapted for creating 5 bold steps for achieving “Vision of Finnish Food Travel in 2030”. The research was conducted between 1.6.2021—20.11.2022. The main research question is: What do the possible futures look like from the perspective of Food Travel Competition applications on development stage 2021? Sub questions are: How can food travelling be described based on the competition products? How is sustainability present? What are the strengths and weaknesses of products and services on development stage?

Theoretical part includes food travelling, food travellers, sustainability, and futures research. Finnish Food Travel Strategy 2020—2028 and Hungry for Finland Food Travel project are also included.

Tasty, Versatile Food Experiences in the Future

Finnish Food Tourism futures are tasty food experiences in restaurants based on locality and storytelling, guided cooking, enjoying a meal in the nature or cultural environment, food travelling paths, festivals, events, markets and marketplaces, small breweries and programs related to all of them. Future food travel can be considered responsible, versatile and in most parts following the Finnish Travel Strategy 2020—2028.

Sustainability is present; socially by employing local service providers and operators, economically by supporting local economy and environmentally by using local wild food, seasonal ingredients, locally farmed products and railroads. Weaknesses are in limited availability in selection, water and energy consumption, and customer feedback usage. Possible future is offered in a form of story of Food Travel in Finland 2030, based on adaptation of 5 step vision canvas method results.